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Welcome to Lovett Tokens and Medals.com, a website devoted to the works of Robert Lovett Sr. and his sons Robert Jr., George H., and John D.. The purpose of this website is threefold – to share information on the numismatic works of this family, to provide a forum for others to do the same, and hopefully lead to the publication of a book/catalog on their works.

The Lovett's works span most of the 19th Century; from Robert Sr's early career in New York City with well-known engraver Thomas Brown to the last year of George H's life in 1894. A collection of their works will include medals and tokens in nearly every category of Exonumia with examples being very commonplace to extremely rare or unique. The craftsmanship ranges from the highest quality to what appear to be very hastily engraved and struck pieces. George H. was especially prolific and produced many pieces simply for sale to the public rather than on the orders of an institution or individual. And of course Robert Jr's Confederate Cent is one of their most famous, and controversial, works.

I began collecting their works in 2004 after decades of coin collecting and it has been an exciting adventure! I have met and corresponded with dozens of collectors and dealers that have been wonderfully helpful in this endeavor. I hope everyone enjoys this website as much as I am enjoying putting it together. Please feel free to send me any information you might want to share or images of pieces in your collection you would like posted. And certainly correct me if you find errors – no offense will be taken! Proper acknowledgment will always be given or information kept confidential if you wish.



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