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The biographical sketches have been generously provided by Katie Jaeger. She is the author of Whitman's A Guide Book of United States Tokens and Medals (2008) and, with Q. David Bowers, 100 Greatest U.S. Medals and Tokens (2007).  She is directly descended from Robert Lovett, Sr.

  • John Lovett + Jane Johnson – first Lovetts in this line to arrive in America (1795)
  • Robert Lovett + Anna Doubleday
  • George H. Lovett + Sarah Barmore
  • Anna Augusta Lovett + Charles Mortimer Keyser
  • Helena Lovett Keyser + Clarence Stowell
  • Anne Marian Stowell + George Anton Moller
  • Katherine Moller Jaeger

At the passing of her mother in 1999, Katie inherited a large box containing the genealogical research efforts of four generations of this family. It held a British book tracing the Lovett line back to the Norman Conquest; painted miniature portraits of Robert Lovett and Anna Doubleday; photograph albums; obituary albums; a few examples of engravings by various members of the family; marriage certificates; business records of some family members; wills; and most importantly, an 1883 clipping from the New York Sun of an article entitled "A Talk with One of New York’s Oldest Medallists.”  This was an interview with George Hampden Lovett about his 50 years in the die-sinking trade.  Contributors the present biographies were as follows:

  • Matilda Lovett, tenth and youngest child of Robert and Anna, kept an album in which she lovingly pasted the obituary of each of her relatives.  She was the last surviving family member and lived until 1923.
  • Frank Lovett Keyser began his research in the early 20th century with correspondence to the English Lovetts of Liscombe Manor in Buckinghamshire, and by conversations with Matilda about her family.  Many vital statistics were compiled by him.
  • Helena Lovett Keyser continued correspondence with numerous Lovett cousins, and created a typescript of all the information compiled as of the 1960s.
  • Charles Sumner Stowell visited Liscombe Manor in Buckinghamshire in 1950 and photographed Lovett dwellings and gravesites. 
  • Chris Keyser conducted research in various Episcopal parishes in London and Buckinghamshire in the 1980s to gather vital statistics on John and Jane Lovett.
  • Anne Stowell Moller continued to record births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths to keep the genealogy current through the 1990s.

Katie is grateful to the many numismatists who have also contributed to her understanding of her ancestors and their work, and looks forward to watching the Lovett Medals and Tokens website live and grow..







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