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Havana to Matanzas Railway Inauguration

White metal, 52mm

(image courtesy Of American Numismatic Society)


U.S. Centennial Exposition - 1876

H-K 80, white metal, 43mm


Worcester Continentals Medals

White metal, Ma-Wc 35, Storer 1827, 40mm

"Worcester Continentals Fair" reverse


Bronze, 39.9mm, "Worcester Continentals Fair" reverse


Brass - uniface, unlisted, 40mm


Brass? (possibly bronzed) - uniface with pin, unlisted, 39.87mm

     The example above with the "Worcester Continentals Fair" reverse is listed in The Standard Catalog of U.S Tokens and Storer's Numismatics of Massachusetts but only in white metal. It is obvious by the signature that George H. did produce the reverse design but did he also do the obverse? Were the uniface medals produced first for members to wear and later George H. combined this with his die to produce the piece celebrating the 1880 Fair? Or did he produce both dies and the medal for the Fair, later striking the uniface examples to be used with the pins? Anyone with any information on this please contact me.


Battle of Groton Heights Centennial Medal

HK 125, white metal, 40mm


HK 125c, bronze, 40mm


HK 125c, silver, 40mm

(on line image)


Armory Seventh Regiment Medals

Silver, 40mm

(on line image)


Bronze, 39.9mm


Brass, 40mm



White metal, 40mm


American Exhibition, London Medal

Aluminum, 31.44mm

     Is this the work of George H. Lovett?  In his obituary in the American Journal of Numismatics it states he did strike a medal for this event. I have seen quite a few medals for this Exhibition but this is the only one that strikes me as his work, especially the lettering style of "REIGN" on the reverse.  I am tentatively attributing this to him; anyone with information on this piece please contact me.


1847 Sons of Temperance Medal

White metal, 38mm

This is one of the earliest known pieces definitely attributable

to George H..  I know of no examples struck in anything

other than white metal.


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