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S.H. Zahm Merchant Tokens

Fuld in his "U.S. Civil War Storecard Catalog" list the copper, brass,

and white metal examples as Rarity 5: 75 to 200 known. He

does have a silver version listed but the note says no authentic

silver pieces have been seen, only silvered white metal. In

Greenslet's "The Medals of Franklin" the brass and white metal

examples are listed as 11 to 15 known, the copper as 31 to 75.

He also list the silver version with no note about it being silvered

white metal.


S.H. Zahm Merchant Tokens

Fuld PA525A-1a, copper, 19mm


Fuld PA525A-1b, brass, 19mm

Advertising card for his used book business

Fuld PA525A-1e, white metal, 19mm


Civil War Postal Cover issued by S.H. Zahm

These envelopes imprinted with patriotic themes were extremely

popular during the Civil War and began to be collected even before

the end of the War. This one was not postmarked until 1966 and I wonder how it was done with no address?


Were these tokens for this Lancaster, PA merchant issued during

the Civil War? Samuel Hensel Zahm was born in March of 1840

and in directories of the Civil war era was listed as a grocer in

business at the same location as his father, a jeweler. But the

following quote from "The American Stationer", January 1893

indicates he returned sometime in the 1870's to begin his antiquary


In 187o, after having been engaged in the book business in Kansas City and as traveling salesman for a Pittsburg firm, he returned to his native town, and with William Reichenbach opened a small second hand book store. His partner died in 1878 and Mr. Zahm formed a partnership with Samuel Auxer, under the firm name of S. H. Zahm & Co.

And in "Caspar's Directory Of The American Book", 1889 is found the listing "Zahm & Co; S.H. (S.H. Zahm, Sam'l Auxer. est 1875),

18-20 S. Queen Lancaster".  Can we assume he was selling coins,

tokens' and medals while operating the grocery business or was

this part of his antiquarian book store operation?  And would this

change the designation of these pieces as Civil War Store Cards?

Advertising card for S.H. Zahm's father's jewelry business. Notice the times on the back of the card - pre time zones!

Samuel H. Zahn Medal issued by Red Rose Coin Club

Brass?, 38.6mm

     This medal, issued by the Red Rose Coin Club of Lancaster Pa. in 2011, features an image of the Zahm Merchant token on the obverse. It seems the inscription may have been a error and should have read "issued Lancaster's only civil war token".


Chestnut & Walnut Passenger R.R. Co. Token

Fuld  750H-1b, brass, 19mm

The "one fare" token for the Chestnut & Walnut Passenger Railroad

Company of Philadelphia is one of the rarest merchant tokens

produced by Robert Lovett Jr.. This brass version is rated R-9 with Fuld listing the copper and copper-nickel versions as R-9 also. One

Civil War Token expert stated that you could count all of these on

both hands and have fingers left over! Robert Jr. also used the

Franklin die on the tokens for S.H. Zahm.


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