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Robert Lovett Sr. Dies



Collin's Ready Made die, 27mm, around "COLLIN'S READY MADE LINEN, & FANCY STORE.",      in six lines in center "67 / Maiden Lane / STOCKS / SUSPENDERS / COLLARS / &C.".

     HT 241 reverse

Lovett, Seal Engraver die, 27mm, around "LOVETT, SEAL ENGRAVER, & DIE SINKER. *", in

      seven lines in center "67 / Maiden Lane / NEW YORK. / COATS of ARMS / CONSULAR & /

      NOTARIAL / SEALS". HT 288 reverse


Historic Events and Places

Croton Aqueduct die, 51mm, cross-section of aqueduct with various statistics listed, in two

     lines above "BUILT BY THE CITY OF NEW YORK. COMMENCED, A.D. 1837. / WATER

     INTRODUCED 4th JULY, 1842".

Murray Hill Distributing Reservoir die, 51mm, depiction of the reservoir with city scene in

     background with information on the capacity below, "R. LOVETT" in small letters to


Odd Fellows Hall die, 38mm, depiction of Odd Fellows Hall in center with "NEW YORK"

     below,around in two lines "ODD FELLOWS HALL. CORNERSTONE LAID JUNE 4th 1847/           DEDICATED JUNE 4th 1849".



Historic Individuals



Constitution die, 25.4mm, sailing ship on waves in center, around "FOR THE CONSTITUTION

     HURRA!".  DeWitt CE 1834-1 obverse, HT 14 obverse

Whig victory die, 25.4mm, around "FLOURISH COMMERCE, FLOURISH INDUSTRY.", in 7 lines

     in center "WHIGS / OF N. YORK / VICTORIOUS / Les trois jours / APRIL / 8. 9. & 10. /   

     1834". DeWitt CE 1834-1 reverse, HT 14 reverse

George M. Dallas die, 39mm, clothed bust of Dallas to left in center, around "DALLAS &

     VICTORY. PROTECTION TO ALL CLASSES". DeWitt JP 1844-3 reverse

Young Hickory die, 39mm, draped bust of Polk to left in center with "R. LOVETT N.Y." in

     small letters below, around in two lines "PRESS ONWARD - BALANCE THE BOUNDARIES

     OF FREEDOM / YOUNG HICKORY".  DeWitt JP 1844-3 obverse



Temperance Society die, 42mm, undraped bust of Washington right with "LOVETT N.Y."

     below, around "WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE SOCIETY".  Baker 328 obverse




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