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     If you are collecting the tokens and medals of the Lovetts, or looking for information on

their works, you unfortunately do not have one place to turn. Their works are listed in many different catalogs and publications, and many of their pieces are not listed anywhere. Following is a list of publications and sources I have used in my collecting and research. Some are more useful than others; none are really 'complete' when it comes to any series. As always, please let me know if you are aware of any resources I have left out; I am still discovering places to find information


- Standard Catalog of United States Tokens by Russel Rulau, Krause Publications. This is

     probably the most comprehensive resource covering everything from Early American

     tokens to the Gay Nineties. Lots of information but also a lot missing.

- American Political Badges And Medalets 1789-1892 by Edmund Sullivan, Quarterman

     Publications (a revision of J.Doyle Dewitt's original 1959 publication A Century of

     Campaign Buttons 1789-1889). An essential book to have if you are going to collect this

     material. It has been out of print for some time and may be difficult to locate a copy.

- Medallic Portraits of Washington by Russell Rulau and George Fuld, Krause Publications.

     William S. Bakers original book of this title appeared in 1885 so it probably is not fair

     to simply call this a revised edition. Definitely a must-have book.

- The Medals of Franklin, A Catalog of Medals, Tokens, Medallions, and Plaques Issued In

     Honor of Franklin by Phil W. Greenslet, Token and Medal Society, Inc.. A nice addition to

     an exonumismatist's library but not essential. All but two pieces (Rochester Mechanics

     Award medal and Joseph Wharton medal) can be found in other references.

-American Numismatics Before the Civil War 1760-1860, Emphasizing the story of Augustus

     B. Sage by Q. David Bowers, 1998, Bowers and Merena Galleries. A must have for the

     Lovett collector. George H. Lovett produced a large body of work for Sage and Mr. Bowers

     is exaustive in his cataloging of these.

-Numismatics of Massachusetts by Malcom Storer, 1981, Quarterman Publications, Inc.. An

     extensive listing of tokens and medals pertaining to Massachusetts but few illustrations

     and little information on the items. Several items by the Lovetts are listed but not

     attributed to them. Most pieces are listed elsewhere except for the Worcester Continental

     medals and he does not have all the varieties listed.

-Medals Of The United States Mint, The First Century 1792 - 1892 by R.W. Julian, 1977, The

     Token and medal Society. A beautuful large format book with several Lovett medals listed

     but I am not sure of the accuracy of several listings.

-Alfred S. Robinson - Hartford Numismatist by J. Doyle DeWitt, 1968, Connecticut Historical

     Society. A small 28 page pamphlet full of essential information on the works of George H.

     and Robert Jr. many of them listed nowhere else.

-So-Called Dollars by Harold E. Hibler and Charles V. Kappen, 1963, The Coin and Currency

     Institute. A few Lovett pieces listed not found in any other reference.



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